A person who has found peace within them lives for 10 Million people who have not. Are you ready to be inspired?

Suppose you have been feeling burdened by a laborious, tough or painful topic for a very long time. You feel restless, anxious, distracted and dissatisfied; you do not have peace of mind. You feel held back. You are not progressing as you would like to in life. You often feel helpless and without perspective. Maybe you are struggling with loss, or someone you love has died.

Perhaps you have already tried everything possible to escape your distress, to solve a problem or to achieve a desired goal. You have not succeeded and have reached the end of your tether. 

It could be that you are in need of external support. Someone who will listen to you, who can show you how to break free of repetitive and unhealthy life cycles. Someone who takes you and your problems seriously. Someone with a lot of experience who will be able to understand and help you. 

With me you can dissolve old patterns that stand in your way, and together we can create a new perspective on your life. You can visualize and accomplish long standing goals. You can clarify relationships and boundaries, detach yourself from past troubles and move forward, as well as discovering an entirely new outlook. With me you can make a big step toward attaining peace of mind.

My therapy will help you to talk about painful and traumatic experiences and process them in a sensitive and absolutely confidential atmosphere. I can help you reach peace of mind.

Methods and therapeutic approaches I use

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