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Private individual Therapy:                                 CHF 230 / 50 Minutes

Private Couples Therapy:                                    CHF 280 / 50 Minutes

Insurance covered individual therapy:             CHF 200 / 50 minutes 

Insurance covered couples therapy:                 CHF 260 / 50 minutes 

Families and groups (three to five people):     CHF 350 / 50 minutes 


Health Insurance


Please contact your supplementary health insurance provider regarding terms and conditions (doctor's note, doctor referral, amount covered).

My services are covered by the obligatory, base health insurance. (starting July 1, 2023)

Introductory Session


The introductory session must be paid in full before the session with cash.


Cancelation Policy


Cancelations must occur 48 hours ahead of the session, otherwise full session fee must be paid.


Prices and insurance info

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