Fees and Health Insurance information



Private individual Therapy: CHF 260 / 50 Minutes

Private Couples Therapy: 350 / 50 Minutes


Insurance cases for Individual: CHF 200 / 50 minutes 

Insurance cases for couples therapy: CHF 260 / 50 minutes 

Families and groups (three to five people): CHF 350 / 50 minutes 


Health Insurance


Supplementary pay of CHF 50.00 per hour up to 75% of the bills. It may be best to directly contact your insurance provider and ask for the respective conditions (medical certificate, the amount of cost reimbursement). 


Introductory Session


The introductory session must be paid in full before the session with cash.


Cancelation Policy


Cancelations must occur 48 hours ahead of the session, otherwise full session fee must be paid.




See therapy page for more information regarding individual, couple and family therapy. Here you will learn how the therapy proceeds, what is done, what is clarified etc.

Structure and Information