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Imagination (synonym: visualization) is a term that includes inner pictures, fantasies and ideas that revolve within our souls. The word imagination has its roots in Latin: imago means "the picture". 


Imaginations are a source from which humanity has received strength, knowledge and healing since the ancient times. What we imagine, has a similar effect to what we think or do. The power of imagination is a resouce we find in almost every person and it is in itself a tool for resource oriented therapetic work. Transformational processes in our actions and in our psychological and spiritual health are based on imaginations. They connect our cognitive, affective and physical experience.


In psychology and in creativity research we understand imagination as a form of creative thinking, in psychotherapy (see analytical psychology) we use active imagination as a form of visual mediation for the purpose of communicating therapeutically with the unconcious. One of the pioneers of this process was Carl Gustav Jung. Meditation is used in various religious and spiritual settings. 


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