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The Work 


The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question any negative or unhealthy thought patterns. Through addressing the gap between how we think our world 'should be' and accepting how it actually is, the conflict within ourselves can be resolved. 


This approach of identifying, addressing and resolving unhealthy thoughts/questions can be used by anyone to bring acceptance and peace into their life. The client will learn to write down any critical or negative thoughts that are held in their mind. Then, with the help of the therapist these thoughts are investigated through the use of four simple questions that address the validity of the statements, look at the personal response and examine how the client would feel without this statement. These statements can also be reversed and looked at from different perspectives. When there is no more resistance the thought has been resolved. 


Through The Work we can become aware of potential mismatches between our expectations and real life, and learn to accept and reconcile these differences. This brings with it freedom to face life without intrusive fears or negative thoughts.





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